Friday Fun – Get to Know Beth!

Friday Fun – Get to Know Beth!

Happy Friday! We’re back with another “Get to Know…” post. This time we’re featuring SQN’s Owner & Event Director, Beth Bernstein.


1) Dog or cat?




2) Favorite season and why:


Fall. Sweaters, boots, leather jackets, faux fur — bring it on!


3) Favorite city you have visited:


Paris, France


4) Top three things on your “bucket list”


Meet my future grandchildren

Learn to speak French

Travel to Prague, Greece, and Poland


5) Do you color inside or outside the lines?


Inside. Hello, I’m a Type A personality!


6) What’s in your purse right now?


Wallet, phone, mints, business cards, receipts, and four different lip glosses.


7) Do you believe in horoscopes?


Only when they are positive.


8) Do you believe in love at first sight?




9) How do you take your coffee?




10) Last book you read:


Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan



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