Choosing the Perfect Chicago Wedding Venue: 4 Venue Types to Consider

Choosing the Perfect Chicago Wedding Venue: 4 Venue Types to Consider

What do house hunting, planning an event, and traveling all have in common? Location, location, location! While a great wedding planning and design team can work magic on almost any space, starting with the right Chicago wedding venue for you sets the tone for the whole wedding. Selecting the perfect wedding venue is one of the first items on your to-do list as it has an impact on almost everything that follows.

A few things to consider as you embark upon your Chicago wedding venue search:

  • How many people do you expect to attend?
  • What vibe are you going for? Formal? Casual? Classic?
  • Do you want outdoor space?
  • Want a “one-stop-shop” that provides catering and all rental items? Or do you prefer to bring those items in on your own to give you a bit more flexibility?
  • Would you consider a small wedding package that includes your venue?

In recent years, the options for venues have increased dramatically. In general, if you can get people and power to it, you can host an event there. Below are just a few of the venues at which we have planned, designed, and hosted events. Which is the perfect Chicago wedding venue for you?

Hotel Wedding Venues in Chicago

One of the more common event venues are hotels, but we promise you that hotel weddings don’t have to be cookie-cutter!

You can really elevate your event by hosting your guests at a luxury property which sets a premium on ambiance and service, ensuring your guests have the best experience. While some might feel that hosting an event at a hotel is stale – been there, done that – these high-end hotels offer incredible amenities and options to ensure every guest has a premium experience and their every need is met.

Chicago luxury hotels such as the PeninsulaFour Seasons, Ritz Carlton, and Langham offer a variety of spaces for you to utilize for different aspects of your event from smaller breakout rooms, to stunning ballrooms with dramatic views of the city, to outdoor patio spaces.


The Drake Hotel, photo courtesy of Averyhouse, floral by Fleur


The Langham Chicago, photo courtesy of Amanda Megan Miller

Chicago Museums & Landmarks for Weddings

Chicago is an incredible city and has so much to offer. We love hosting events at the city’s historic landmarks and nationally-recognized museums, and incorporating their unique aspects into our clients’ events.

Wedding venues such as the Chicago Cultural Center, Café Brauer, and the Harold Washington Library showcase some of the most iconic Chicago architecture.

The installations and exhibits at the Art Institute of Chicago, Adler Planetarium, and the Field Museum create a unique atmosphere and offer some one-of-a kind conversation pieces.

These properties typically have regulations you have to follow, but we always work with the venue and our clients to ensure all parties are happy. A landmark or museum may be the perfect wedding venue option if you want to showcase another side to Chicago most people haven’t seen.



Chicago Cultural Center, photo courtesy of Averyhouse, decor by Avant Gardenia

Adler planetarium wedding reception

The Adler Planetarium, photo courtesy of Jennifer Kathryn Photography, decor by HMR Designs


Chicago Restaurant Wedding Venues

If your dream is to host an event that has a family style dinner vibe, but the guest list is more than you can fit in your dining room, a restaurant might be your answer.

Chicago has some of the top restaurants in the country and premier chefs to go with them! Restaurants such as Sepia are able to give you that intimate feel, but for a larger guest count.

Sepia, photo courtesy of T&S Hughes Photography


Photography courtesy of Dennis Lee Photography, floral by Fleur

Loft Wedding Venues in Chicago

We have seen a surge of a new venue types in recent years—lofts. Loft wedding venues can vary in size, décor, and amenities, so it is important to go visit the site in person and ask a ton of questions (or bring an event planner with you to ask the questions for you).

Gallery 1028, Artifact Events, Ravenswood Event Center, and Greenhouse Loft are just a few of the amazing loft spaces that call Chicago home.

Some lofts are small and cozy and feel like a posh apartment. Other lofts feature large, open spaces where your creativity can run wild. Loft décor can range from industrial to farmhouse to minimalistic. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can transform these lofts into!


Artifact Events, photo courtesy of Jeremy Lawson Photography, floral by Vale of Enna


Room 1520, photo courtesy of Olivia Leigh Photographie

Small Wedding Venues in Chicago

Considering a small intimate wedding?  Let us choose your small wedding venue for you!  Learn more about our small wedding packages in Chicago.

Want to see a few of picks?  Check out our guide to Small Wedding Venues in Chicago.

There are a lot of thing to consider when planning your event, but selecting the perfect wedding venue will impact many of the decisions that follow. Some venues are partnered with catering companies, eliminating the need to bring it off-premise food. Other venues have all of the tables and chairs you would ever need, so no need to deal with rentals. However, no matter where you decide to host your event, the most important thing is that all of the people you want to be there to celebrate are in the room together.

Need help choosing the perfect wedding venue in Chicago?  That’s just one of many tasks we can help check off your list.  Find out more about our Chicago wedding planners.

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